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 The Miijob App has been designed for all entrants to the job market. These include those who are looking to commence their careers having completed their formal education as well as more experienced entrants returning to the job market.

The Miijob App provides users with tools and resources to identify their strengths and choose careers and jobs that play to their strengths. It provides step by step support through the application and selection processes. Our App provides real time advice dealing with difficult interview questions, preparation, last minute nerves, stress and many other useful and relevant topics.

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 Miijob Enables You To:

  • Differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition
  • Identify your strengths and choose jobs and careers that align to these
  • Develop confidence in your job applications and selection processes
  • Structure your preparation
  • Keep track of different job applications
  • Diary manage simultaneous job applications
  • Assess and rate your overall recruitment experience with an employer

Miijob Provides Guidance And Advice On:  

  • Discovering your strengths and unique abilities
  • Researching prospective employers
  • Submitting job applications
  • Preparing for interviews and recruitment assessments
  • Negotiating and accepting the job offer
  • Preparing for day 1

Key Features


Your views matter

Share and review your recruitment experience at the employer. You are no longer a mute job applicant who can be taken for granted. Not only will your experience help other job applicants make up their mind about the employer but it would also help the employer improve their recruitment processes.


Prepare thoroughly for each recruitment process you participate in. Research the employer, get to know the role and the supervisors you will work with, the organisational culture and how you will demonstrate your suitability



Clever preparation, astute insight, confidence and understanding about each stage of recruitment preceded by deep understanding of your strengths


Discover what you do well and what drives your motivation. Find out if your perceptions align to those of people who know you well. Figure out how you will differentiate yourself from others and how your career choices will play to your strengths



Manage different job application processes simultaneously and keep track of your preparation. Follow the structured approach and keep control of your diary.

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