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This high value immersive product is aimed at users who wish to participate in an experiential process that will familiarise them with a series of instruments and tests in a simulated high pressure, high stakes and competitive environment.

Designed specifically for high calibre, academic high achievers seeking entry level placement in prestigious blue chip companies and consultancies our Labs simulate the pressures, conditions, experiences and anxieties of a gruelling selection journey.

Working with competent and experienced assessors participants will undergo different assessment instruments and experiences. They will be provided with detailed feedback on their performance against specific competencies that would typically be sought by blue chip employers. Coaching will be provided to augment their performance.

Outcomes of the Labs will provide participants with considerable insight, confidence and a reference point to improve their success in recruitment.  Experience of the Labs will provide participants with evidence to form an accurate assessment of their capability and knowledge levels to ensure that they play to their strengths and where required initiate further development.

Specifically these labs will provide participants with a reality check on the following key areas:

  • Interpersonal Skills – Communication, Influencing, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Commercial Abilities – Business and Financial Understanding, Cost and Efficiency Management
  • Leadership Abilities – Leading and Managing People, Managing Change and Disruption
  • Organisational Abilities – Planning, Cost Management, Organisational Abilities, Visioning and Strategic Thinking

With over fifteen hours of immersion time participants will be provided with detailed and insightful feedback on their current performance in the areas described above. Detailed action plans will be prepared for each participants with supported coaching and action learning.

The Labs are exclusive development opportunities for talented academic high achievers keen on fulfilling their career ambitions at blue chip Fortune / FTSE companies. The Labs are gruelling, thorough, high-pressured, require strong commitment from participants, and an ability to deal with a demanding environment.

Individuals can express an interest in the Labs and following an initial assessment of suitability their place will be confirmed. The Labs will run once the requisite number of eight participants is reached. The Labs are also available to groups and can be delivered onsite at universities, colleges or business centres.

Participants to the Labs will be provided with all materials, exercises, meals, venues, feedback report and coaching support. Costs are all inclusive and will vary depending on the venue and location of the Lab. We expect the investment to be around £ 1500 + VAT per person.

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