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About Us

We provide effective services to empower job seekers. Our services are designed for all entrants to the job market whether searching for their first employment or for more experienced entrants returning to the job market.  Our services enable you to identify the jobs that align and play to your strengths, manage multiple job applications simultaneously and guide you through the maze of recruitment processes to success.

At Miijob we passionately believe that career choices should align to your strengths and aspirations. We believe that your talent, qualifications and experiences shape your strengths. The ‘right’ job and/or career for you is one that plays to your strengths. Finding the right job or career requires you to understand and appreciate these strengths, recognise the jobs and careers that play to your strengths and crucially, navigate the recruitment processes confidently with success.


Our solutions

  • Enable you to identify jobs that align and play to your strengths
  • Manage multiple job applications simultaneously
  • Guide you through the maze of recruitment processes to success

Why Use Us?

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We work with you to master recruitment and selection processes enabling you to present yourself confidently for success. You are empowered through our services to make well informed career choices and evaluate your recruitment experiences.

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2. You become effective

We enable you to manage multiple recruitment processes effectively and prepare uniquely for each employment opportunity.

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3. Our experience and insight

You benefit from our experience in recruitment, talent management, assessment methods, coaching and people development across different industries, markets and cultures.

Benefits of using us

  • Having expensive qualifications and subject matter understanding is no longer enough to ensure that you will either get a job in your chosen field or be successful in that job. Working with us you will achieve both.
  • Working with us you will develop real insight on your strengths and talents to make fulfilling career choices. Mastery over the tradecraft of interviews and recruitment processes will enhance your career choices and success.
  • Our methods appreciate that you may be at different stages of preparedness and therefore offer you a range of appropriate services. We raise awareness of your strengths and what differentiates you helping you present yourself in an appropriate and engaging manner.


We work with you to achieve your employment goals by helping you

  • Understand yourself – your strengths, capabilities and aspirations
  • Make informed career and job choices
  • Be successful in recruitment and selection processes


Our values help us to put our mission into practice across all our services. These are:

  • Customer respect – Putting customer needs at the forefront of everything we do
  • Quality and Value in all our solutions and services – Ensuring high quality and value in what we do
  • Celebrate Diversity and Difference – Appreciate uniqueness and enable expression of that difference

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